My first Blog

My first Blog
Ron Wood and the author in mid 1970's

Monday, February 15, 2010

Doug Feiger

Doug died last night. He was a young 57 and died of cancer.
He was the lead singer and writer for the Knack and was most famous for writing "My Sharona". It became a hit for him twice. I went to the same High School as he and he was my sister Jackies first boy friend. He was someone she really loved.
I liked Doug a lot and he came to my office at N2K and Virgin a few times over the years I thought maybe looking for another deal for his music. But then he just came to say hi.

RIP Doug you will be missed.

As it turns out Doug is not in my book but probably should be.

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  1. There is a chapter in the book on some of the people that have died along the way of my life in the music business. People like Lowell George, Tim Buckley, Gram Parsons. They all seem to die too early.