My first Blog

My first Blog
Ron Wood and the author in mid 1970's

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New pitches

I am sending 3 new query letters out tomorrow.
They go to Miriam Altshuler, Arcadia and Jeff Herman. This time none of these agents are in NYC which was my target at first. (I like NYC so I was predjudiced to send the first 6 there).
Jeff Herman is the writer of the Book "Guide to Publishers and Literary Agents" that I am using to find agents names and addresses. When I find the name I then go online and research the requirements and then I send out my pitch.
If anyone wants to read my pitch letter let me know and I'll send it on. Maybe its not good enough. I'll change anything in my quest; I'm a salesman, a glorified bloody flogger as my Dad would call me!!
Keep your fingers crossed.

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